Interest in Serving on Assessment for Course Placement Committee

TO:         Testing Directors/Specialists

CC:         Chief Student Affairs Officers

DATE:    September 23, 2014

SUBJECT: Call for interest in serving on Assessment for Course Placement Committee

The MnSCU Assessment for Course Placement Committee (ACPC) currently has two vacancies for the upcoming 2014-2015 academic year. The openings are to replace two testing directors/specialists who were previously on the committee.  You are invited to submit a nomination or to express your interest in serving on this committee.

The ACPC periodically reviews national assessment instruments and submits recommendations to the vice chancellor on the following:  the instrument to be designated as the system-endorsed placement instrument, the minimum scores on the system-endorsed placement instrument for placement into courses at the developmental or college level, changes to board policy and system procedure related to assessment, and other items as needed to address consistency of assessment and placement practices at system colleges and universities. Members commit to four day-long meetings throughout the year.

Please send your nomination or interest to by Monday, September 29, 2014. Because testing directors/specialists belong to various bargaining units, please indicate which bargaining unit you belong to when submitting your interest to serve.  We can then follow up with your respective representative to request the appointment to serve.  The committee plans to convene in October so we will do our best to confirm appointments swiftly.

Thank you.

Pakou Yang
Interim System Director of P20 and College Readiness | 651-201-1760

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