January 2015 – LMIwise Webex Training Opportunities

Two sessions have been scheduled to provide training for the LMIwise web tool for academic program planning.


Click the link to register:

Wednesday, January 21 @ 9 am: https://mnscu.webex.com/mnscu/j.php?MTID=m1f385f0a25c565aa1a03ef212e902f56

Thursday, January 22 @ 2 pm: https://mnscu.webex.com/mnscu/j.php?MTID=macef8183b5f2ee9da07627132fb2a2d5


To explore LMIwise ahead of time go to: www.lmiwise.org


Please forward this information to anyone (faculty or staff) you think might be interested in attending.

Contact Tamara.Arnott@so.mnscu.edu with any questions.

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