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Dear Colleague:

Please join us for three employer engagement webinars which will be led by Brett Pawlowski, Executive Vice President of the National Center on College and Career Transition  http://nc3t.com/  .  Each webinar will delve more deeply into the content presented at Employer Engagement Summit that was hosted by MnSCU and MDE on March 5, 2015 at Anoka Technical College.  If you were unable to attend on March 5, you will still find the webinar content useful and you are able to reference the Power Point presentations and handouts from the Summit at www.cte.mnscu.edu.   For a complimentary copy of the Employer Engagement Toolkit used for the Employer Engagement Summit and the webinars, contact jared.reise@so.mnscu.edu .

Join the webinars on the day of the events by going to the CTE homepage at www.cte.mnscu.edu where you will find the web links and you may sign in as a participant for each webinar. 

These events are offered to you at no charge by MnSCU and MDE Career Technical Education. The content is developed under the Carl D. Perkins Career Technical Education grant from the US Department of Education. 

However, the content does not necessarily represent the policy of the Us Department of Education.

April 23, 2015- Recruiting Partners
2:30pm CST 
Business partners can bring tremendous value to your CTE program, but many educators find this to be the most challenging piece of their jobs. Where can you find partners? How can you build relationships and recruit them into your program? And how do you establish an effective working relationship? During this webinar, we will look at each of these issues, helping you build a team of partners who can provide resources and opportunities for students and staff.

May 20, 2015- Advisory Committees
2:30pm CST
Advisory committees are essential to an effective CTE program: They ensure program quality and relevance, help you provide students and staff with new opportunities and resources, and connect you with the larger community. During this webinar, we will cover the essentials of effective advisory committees: How to design an effective structure, how to recruit members, and how to manage your board in order to set and achieve your goals.

June 17, 2015- Partnership Design and Evaluation
2:30pm CST Partnership design and evaluation can be intimidating: How do you design a partnership that works? How do you know what to measure, and how? This webinar will introduce the concept of the Logic Model, which will help you lay out the thinking behind your partnership program by helping you to identify your starting point, desired end point, and means for bridging the gap between the two. We’ll also look at some ways that you can measure outcomes and evaluate your impact.

See you at the webinars!


Debra Wilcox Hsu, Ed. D.
Associate System Director for Career Technical Education
Academic and Student Affairs
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Office 651-201-1686

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