CTF Work Plan

Last spring the CTF Steering Committee assigned to Leadership Council the task of creating the plan to move this work forward. The eight implementation teams submitted their reports on July 1. The Leadership Council worked diligently on a draft work plan over the summer. At the September Leadership Council retreat, the full council reviewed the plan and committed to the activities outlined in the work plan.

Leaders from each bargaining unit and both student associations joined the Leadership Council for several hours during the retreat to be briefed on the work plan, to ask questions, and to offer initial suggestions.

At last week’s Board of Trustees retreat, Presidents Doug Allen, Joyce Ester, Richard Hanson, and Earl Potter presented the plan to the trustees. There was strong consensus on the board about the importance and urgency of the work outlined in the plan.

Next, the 31-member Coordinating Committee comprised of leaders from each bargaining unit, both student associations, and campus and system office leaders will meet on September 28 for additional discussion and feedback. The Coordinating Committee will advise on priorities and provide guidance on opportunities to increase engagement over the year ahead.  The conversations that will occur on every campus this fall with all stakeholders will be critical in moving this work forward. Work begins in earnest!

To view the Charting the Future work plan and accompanying memo to the Board of Trustees, please click here

Updates can continue to be found at Charting The Future.


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