Metropolitan State University Partnership

A Metropolitan State University partnership to offer students bachelor degree major options at North Hennepin Community College’s (NHCC) Brooklyn Park campus was signed at a commemoration event March 3.

The partnership provides the unprecedented offering for higher education to students in the west metro, where demand is increasing for high quality degrees at the baccalaureate, bachelors and masters levels. As soon as students enter NHCC they can begin to consider their four-year degrees. The partnership currently offers students nursing and business administration as bachelor’s degree options at NHCC’s Brooklyn Park campus. Economics, English and human services are scheduled to be available in fall 2016. Communication studies and health systems studies will be offered in fall 2017, with psychology to be offered in fall 2018.

In a prerecorded video address presented at the event, Sen. Amy Klobuchar praised and thanked the education community for this important step in helping Minnesotans obtain the education they need and deserve. “Everyone attending today knows that education is the path to a better life. You’ve seen it in your own lives and the lives of your students and families,” Klobuchar said, recounting her own family’s experience in being improved and lifted through education. “That’s why this new partnership is so powerful.”

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