Faculty Workshops on Designing Assignments and Using VALUE Rubrics

In association with the Multi-State Collaborative to Advance Student Learning Outcomes Assessment, two workshops on designing assignments and using rubrics, will be offered as repeat sessions at St. Cloud State University on April 4, and at Normandale Community College on April 5.

At each of these locations, a morning workshop will focus on designing authentic assignments that measure what you want students to learn. An afternoon workshop will give faculty practice in using AAC&U’s VALUE rubrics for assessment, and in comparing and discussing evaluations with other faculty scorers.

The facilitator for both workshops will be Laura Gambino, Professor and the Faculty Scholar for Teaching, Learning, and Assessment at CUNY’s Guttman Community College.

All interested MnSCU faculty are invited to attend either or both workshops, in one city or both. There is no registration or attendance fee.  Use this link for additional information detailing the sessions, specific locations and links for registration.

Lynda Milne  | Associate Vice Chancellor for  Academic Affairs  |  Minnesota State Colleges & Universities  |  ofc 651-201-1887   |  text 651-237-2133

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