Legislative Update – September 23, 2016

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          Legislative Update – September 23, 2016

Governor Dayton sends letter to Speaker Daudt regarding special session

Earlier today, Governor Dayton sent a letter to Speaker Daudt and other legislative leaders regarding the ongoing special session talks. As we have watched all summer, talks continued between leaders but what remained were issues regarding transportation earmarks in the bonding bill, which Dayton’s letter states would have, “sets a very bad and dangerous precedent.”

“Given the facts that these negotiations have taken place over the past four months without reconciliation, and that only 46 days now remain until the upcoming election, I have reluctantly concluded that the time for agreement on a Special Session has expired,” stated Dayton in the final paragraph of his letter.

While we are disappointed that the opportunity to revisit the bonding bill  which would have brought much needed funds to campuses to address capital projects and HEAPR needs has ended. We remain hopeful that the 2017 legislator will address and respond with the help that campuses needs.

Governor Dayton’s full letter can be found HERE.

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