CRM RFP Project Underway

The CRM RFP workgroup was formed and is underway developing the constituent relationship management request for proposal (CRM RFP). The goal of this team is to gather requirements for a system-wide CRM solution. The group will prioritize requirements, develop scoring requirements, and distribute the requirements to CRM vendors. Once the team receives RFP responses, the group will score, attend CRM demonstrations, and recommend a system-wide CRM solution.

Team Formation

Some of the roles were carried over from members of the student success technologies workgroup (SSTWG). For the roles not represented from the SSTWG, ASA put a call out and all roles are now represented. Currently the CRM RFP workgroup has representatives from the following campus, university, and system roles:


Admissions / Research CRM Support Marketing / Recruiting
Advising CWS Project Manager
Business Architecture Enrollment Management Project Sponsor
Campus IT Faculty Project Support
Campus Life Financial Aid System Integration
Co-Chair (administrators) IT Architecture University Administrator
College Administrator IT Security CRM Integration
College Student IT Software Development



Project Kickoff

The team, comprised of the roles listed above, met for the official project kickoff September 6, 2016. The goal was to introduce the project and to set the parameters of the project. The project charter can be found HERE (log in using your The next step is to capture requirements for the CRM solution. The project team and a group of volunteers for across the system will meet September 28th to start the requirements collection process.



The team will focus on the following timelines:

  • CRM RFP Outline: October 2016
  • RFP Draft: November 2016
  • RFP Approval: December 2016
  • RFP Distributed to Vendors: December 2016
  • Award Contract: March 2017


Project Information

Information and status updates related to the project can be found from the CRM Project SharePoint site: (log in using your Note, once the RFP is in process, we will not be able to share specifics in regard to vendors, RFP, etc. However, status reports and any information that we can share, will be available on the project site. We will send information on a routine schedule to keep the system well-informed.


Please forward this message on as needed.


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Tim Anderson, Ed.D, MBA

Project Manager – Educational Innovations

Academic and Student Affairs

Minnesota State

30 East 7th Street, St. Paul, MN 55101

o: 651-201-1824 | m: 507-829-1674 |



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