DARS/TRANSFEROLOGY User Conference Concluded

89 participants attended this year’s conference held at the Cragun’s Resort and Hotel on Gull Lake in Brainerd on October 11 and 12, 2016.

Miranda Evans and Marla Sykes provided the opening welcome and overview of the conference.  This year’s conference sessions included:  Review of the Year Behind/Year Ahead; Tips & Tricks; What’s New at CollegeSource; Self-Service TA demo; Exceptions from the Audit using Self-Service; u.achieve Processing Flow overview; Using DARS/Transferology to Help Student Assess Options Systemwide; and Transfer Pathways informational session.

Participants also split off into Breakout sessions for 2 year/4 year school discussions, INCLTOP Workshop, Departmental Changes-String vs Convert, Transferology Clinic, Grouping, Queries from DARS tables, and Transfer Best Practices.  Participants also had the opportunity to have open dialogue pertaining to their campus work and issues involving their daily work flow activities at the Open Topic Town Hall Meeting.

Conference evaluations emphasize that our users value the information and the opportunity to gather as a group and hear about/discuss topics related to the work we do and how we can better serve our students.  A big THANK YOU to all the presenters at this year’s conference!  We’d especially like to thank the members of CollegeSource staff who made the trip to Minnesota to share their expertise:  Donna Pursifull and John Panzica.  We also appreciate the system office staff who provided sessions:  Teresa Theisen, Nicole Seifert, Teresa Blatti, and Brenda Lyseng.  Additionally, we had several campus staff who lead or assisted with sessions:  Pat Carmody (Southwest State University), Ashley Schafer (St Cloud State University), Cassandra Levesque (Century College), and Shannan Ellis (system office).


Conference presentations and the Participant List were posted prior to the conference on the DARS/Transferology project website and can be viewed at: http://www.dars.mntransfer.org/UserConf/2016/agenda_2016.html

Contact: Marla Sykes – marla.sykes@so.mnscu.edu


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