Transfer Pathways

Do you teach in one of the 12 disciplines below?  Do your courses support a major in one of those disciplines?  Do you advise students?  Do you make transfer happen?  Are you a student interested in one of these programs?  Then we need YOUR voice!

This semester twelve teams have been meeting with the goal of developing a Transfer Pathway that would assist students in the transfer from one of our Minnesota State Colleges to a Minnesota State Universities with the designated baccalaureate degree.  Students utilizing a Transfer Pathway would enter as a junior and be able to complete their baccalaureate degree in 60 credits – without losing time and money or generating excess credits.

Your colleagues need your help!  Teams of faculty, staff, administrators, and students have been developing Transfer Pathways in the following areas:  Chemistry, Communication, Computer Science, Criminal Justice/Police, Early Childhood Education, Economics, Elementary Education, Kinesiology & Exercise Science, Mathematics, Nursing, Social Work, and Sociology.  The attachment is a roster of team members by institution.  NOW is the time for you to provide feedback on the proposed pathways to the Transfer Pathways Teams (TPTs) before they finalize the pathways in January – February, 2017.

Whose feedback is needed?

Faculty in the above disciplines and in related disciplines

All Registrars

All Transfer Specialists

All Advisors

All DARS Encoders

All CAOs


All Deans


How can you provide feedback?

The Discipline Stakeholders Meetings will occur November 14 – 17 with each Transfer Pathway hosting a 3 hour session.  You can attend either in person or remotely.   The proposed pathways will available by November 11 here.  If you are unable to attend, you will be able to review the recording of the meeting which will be available on the same site.  We are also providing an opportunity to provide feedback via a survey available here November 19 – December 9.

We ask that you register by November 7 no matter how you are attending.  We will send out a reminder plus we want to track the breadth and depth of stakeholders that we reach.

Date Time Team Location Attend in Person – Registration Link Attend via WebEx – Registration Link
11/14 8 – 11 Social Work NHCC Social Work In Person Social Work via WebEx
11/14 11:30 – 2:30 Sociology NHCC Sociology in Person Sociology via WebEx
11/14 3 – 6 Criminal Justice/Police NHCC Criminal Justice in Person Criminal Justice via WebEx
11/15 8 – 11 Computer Science NHCC Computer Science in Person Computer Science via WebEx
11/15 11:30 – 2:30 Mathematics NHCC Mathematics in Person Mathematics via WebEx
11/15 3 – 6 Economics NHCC Economics in Person Economics via WebEx
11/16 8 – 11 Nursing Normandale Nursing in Person Nursing via WebEx
11/16 11:30 – 2:30 Chemistry Normandale Chemistry in Person Chemistry via WebEx
11/16 3 – 6 Kinesiology and Exercise Science Normandale Kinesiology in Person Kinesiology via WebEx
11/17 8 – 11 Early Childhood Education NHCC Early Childhood Education in Person Early Childhood Education via WebEx
11/17 11:30 – 2:30 Elementary Education NHCC Elementary Education in Person Elementary Education via WebEx
11/17 3 – 6 Communication NHCC Communication in Person Communication via WebEx

Location Details:

  • North Hennepin (NHCC) sessions will be in the Center for Business and Technology, Room 195
  • Normandale sessions will be in the Kopp Student Center, Garden Room

More information about the pathways and the work of the teams is available at the Transfer Pathways website.

We appreciate you taking the time to give us your feedback before we move to finalize the transfer pathways!

On behalf of the Transfer Pathways Coordinating Team,

Glenn Merrick, MSCF, Lake Superior College, Co-chair

Gregg Marg, IFO, Minnesota State University, Mankato, Co-chair

Questions? Contact Brent Glass.

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