Legislative update-January 24, 2017

Governor Dayton recommends new funding for Minnesota State

Governor Mark Dayton today released his biennial budget recommendation that included $150 million in new funding over the biennium for the colleges and universities of Minnesota State.

Steven Rosenstone, Minnesota State chancellor, said, “We deeply appreciate the support we have received from Governor Dayton. If enacted by the legislature, the funding in his recommendation would help to meet Minnesota’s critical need for talent by protecting access and affordability, improving the success of our diverse students, reducing economic and racial disparities, providing for our critical information technology infrastructure, and helping to meet Minnesota’s critical need for talent.”

Michael Vekich, chair of the Board of Trustees of Minnesota State Colleges and Universities, said, “The funding in our budget request will directly benefit the students and the campuses of Minnesota State as well as all of the communities they serve across Minnesota. We are pleased with the Governor’s recommendation and look forward to working with the legislature in the months ahead.”

The Governor recommended an increase of $50 million in FY18 and $75 million beginning in FY19 to fund operating cost increases at Minnesota State. In his materials, the Governor urges Minnesota State to fund activities that address the educational attainment gap. As the state’s demographics continue to shift, and communities of color continue to grow, a significant intervention is necessary to reduce the state’s large racial disparities in academic achievement and educational attainment.

The Governor also recommended investing $25 million in FY18-19 to support the replacement of Minnesota State’s outdated, 20-year old enterprise data system, Integrated Statewide Record System (ISRS). The development and implementation of ISRS Next Generation would be a multi-year technology infrastructure project

More information about Minnesota State budget request can be found at: www.minnstate.edu/legislative.

The Governor’s full budget recommendation can be found HERE.

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