Legislative Update – May 4, 2018

Supplemental finance bill takes another step

After more than nine hours of debate yesterday, the House passed SF 3656 off the floor after substituting their omnibus supplemental finance bill language in the bill. Since the Senate passed one large omnibus finance bill, the House needed to bring the various omnibus finance bills that have been making their way through the House together in one piece of legislation. The next step is to work through the differences in the House and Senate finance bills in conference committee.

As a reminder, the Senate bill appropriates $1 million to Minnesota State for Next Gen and $500,000 for workforce development scholarships. The House bill appropriates $4 million to Minnesota State for campus support and $1 million to Metropolitan State University for a cyber security program.

Bonding bill movement in House

The House released their bonding bill this week. The bill provides $122.9 million for Minnesota State, or $95.2 million in state funding (GO funds). Of the $122.9 million, $40 million is for asset preservation, or HEAPR. The remaining $82.9 million is for nine capital projects, which follow the Board of Trustee’s priorities, funding projects #2-10. The total bonding bill for the House is $966 million, or $825 million in general obligation funds. The bill spreadsheet can be found here.

The House Capital Investment Committee took up the bill this morning. Minnesota State Associate Vice Chancellor Brian Yolitz thanked the committee for their support of the colleges and universities. “We are thankful for the $123 million capital program this bill enables, and how the committee has recognized and delivered on the priorities set forth by our Board through our capital development process,” Yolitz said. In his testimony, Yolitz addressed the HEAPR amount of $40 million and said, “Our point of specific concern is the level of asset preservation funding and our ability to meet the stewardship responsibly associated with our 54 campuses and nearly one-third of the state of Minnesota’s building infrastructure.”

Rep. Alice Hausman, DFL-St Paul, said that she’s grateful the committee honored the priorities of Minnesota State’s bonding request, and is hoping the committee can fund the remaining projects in the request. She also asked Committee Chair Rep. Dean Urdahl, R-Grove City, to consider funding more in asset preservation.

For comparison purposes, Minnesota State is requesting $224.5 million in bonding, and the Governor is recommending $274.5 million for Minnesota State (Gov. Dayton recommends an additional $50 million for asset preservation). The Senate has not yet released their bonding bill.

The committee passed the bill and referred it to the Ways and Means Committee

Minnesota State

Higher Education Asset Preservation and Replacement (HEAPR)                                             Go            40,000

Bemidji State University – Academic Learning Center Design and Renovation                          Go/UF      22,512

Rochester CTC-Memorial and Plaza Halls Demolition, Design, and Renovation                       Go./UF     22,853

MSU, Mankato – Clinical Sciences Phase 2 Design and Renovation                                          Go/UF       6,478

Anoka-Ramsey Community College – Nursing and Business Renovation, Design                     Go/UF          569

Century College – Applied Technical Center, East Campus                                                        Go/UF       6,362

Normandale Community College – Classroom and Student Services Renovation                      Go/UF     12,636

Minnesota State University Moorhead – Weld Hall Renovation, Design                                     Go/UF         628

Inver Hills CC – Technology and Business Center Renovation, Design                                      Go/UF         698

Riverland CC – Industrial Center Design, Construction, and Renovation                                    Go/UF     10,122

TOTAL – UF           27,620

TOTAL – GO          95,239

TOTAL                 122,858

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