Senate budget target includes $66 million for higher education

The Senate Republican Majority released budget targets today that includes $65.7 million in new spending for higher education. This is in comparison to $304.9 million for higher education in the House budget target, and $164 million for higher education in Governor Walz’s budget proposal.

According to the press release, the $65.7 million in new spending in higher education is an effort to keep college and career training affordable. The press release reads, “Senate Republicans will protect students and families by making college affordable with a laser-focus on promoting career and technical education through strategic investments that directly benefit students and meet our workforce needs.”

Similar to when the House released their budget targets earlier this week, details of the funding will have to be worked out in committee. The Senate Higher Education Finance and Policy committee is planning to meet next on Thursday, April 4 to roll out their higher education omnibus finance bill, with the plan to mark-up the bill Tuesday, April 9. The House Higher Education Finance and Policy committee will also roll out their omnibus bill in the next couple weeks with the intention to meet the committee deadline for appropriations bills on Friday, April 12.

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