Zoom Tips – Logging in, Adobe Connect, & Recordings

Zoom is a communications software that combines video conferencing, online meetings, chat, and mobile collaboration. Zoom Tips are monthly posts on the Minnesota State ASA Newsletter that take a closer look at the features Zoom.

How do I log in?

Minnesota State faculty, staff, and students can access Zoom by visiting https://minnstate.zoom.us/ and clicking “Sign In” with their Star ID and password.

If you previously used Zoom with a personal account, signing in at www.zoom.us will not direct you to sign in using your Star ID. You must visit https://minnstate.zoom.us/.

Bonus tip: Bookmark Zoom once you are signed in for quick access!

What about Adobe Connect?

Minnesota State faculty, staff, and students still have Adobe Connect access until May 15, 2020. Please take this time to transition to Zoom.

Any recordings you have stored on Adobe Connect will be lost after May 15, 2020. Review this pdf for more information on how to download recordings from Adobe Connect.

Where can I store my recordings?

Minnesota State faculty, staff, and students have access to Kaltura MediaSpace, which provides tools to create and store videos for academic purposes. Visit https://mediaspace.minnstate.edu and sign in with your Star ID. Here you can upload any videos that were previously stored on Adobe Connect.

If you have logged in with your Star ID on both Zoom and Kaltura MediaSpace, your accounts are synced. Recording to the cloud with Zoom will automatically upload the recording to Kaltura MediaSpace.

Ways to record in the cloud:

When you are setting up a meeting, you can check Record the meeting automatically and in the cloud. Note: You can edit your recordings in Kaltura MediaSpace before sending the link out.

If you don’t want to record automatically, you can choose to record during your meeting by selecting Record and Record to the Cloud.

Depending on the recording length, it may take a few minutes. You can set up email notifications in your Zoom settings to notify when your recording is available.

Note: The email will direct you to the Zoom recording, which will be stored for 365 days – but check your Kaltura MediaSpace account, if you saved to the cloud the recording will be there as well.

Have Zoom questions? Visit the Zoom Help Center or request assistance via the Minnesota State Service Desk.

Zoom training sessions will be hosted by Minnesota State system office staff as the 2019 fall semester begins, find dates and times here.

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