Signing in as a Host, View Chat when Sharing, Sharing Documents Instead of Entire Screen

Zoom is a communications software that combines video conferencing, online meetings, chat, and mobile collaboration. Students, staff, and faculty can sign in with their Star ID. Zoom Tips are monthly posts on the Minnesota State ASA Newsletter that take a closer look at the features Zoom.

How do I sign in as a host?

Say you’ve created a meeting a few days before it starts. When it’s time for the meeting, you go to join using the Zoom link you’ve shared, but chances are you’re not still logged into Zoom. Thus, you are not recognized as a host.

When joining a meeting, there are two quick ways to sign in as a host:

1) Sign in to Claim Host
If you have joined the meeting and are a participant, you should see the option to “Claim Host”:

From here, choose “Sign in to Claim Host”:

You will want to “Sign in with SSO” using “minnstate”:

Then you will be prompted to sign in using your Star ID. Return to the meeting, and you will now be the host.

2) Start Meeting Signed In
– Go to
– Locate and click the meeting you wish to host
– Select “Start Meeting”

How do I view chat when I’m sharing my screen?

When sharing your screen, many meeting options hide themselves to ensure Zoom’s windows are not in your way when presenting. If you’d like to see what the chat is saying while sharing your screen, navigate to the menu that will display when you hover your mouse along the top of your screen. The “Chat” option is located in the “… More” tab in the menu.

How do I share a document, but not my whole screen?

Zoom allows users to choose what they would like to share when sharing their screen. If you would just like to share a PowerPoint, for example, once you choose “Share Screen” make sure you look at all your open applications and select “PowerPoint”

Now meeting participants can view the PowerPoint, and anything you do outside of PowerPoint won’t be shared on the screen. This is especially handy when sharing static applications, such as an agenda, or when you want to be sure you’re not sharing personal emails or information.

When you’d like to go from sharing one application to another, make sure you start a “New Share”.

Have Zoom questions? Visit the Zoom Help Center or request assistance via the Minnesota State Service Desk.

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