Innovating through COVID-19 Funding: A Minnesota State Multimedia Project

The Innovating through COVID-19 funding program encourages the sharing and use of innovative practices in online teaching and student services.  Funding is dedicated to the creation of good quality multimedia demonstrations of practices developed or perfected during the COVID-19 pandemic. Multimedia demonstrations will be shared system-wide in preparation for fall 2020. 

Faculty and staff innovators are invited to submit an application describing the innovative practice they have developed and the technology they intend to use to demonstrate its use. 

Applications are due May 18, 2020 by 4:00 pm

For questions regarding the Innovating through COVID-19 funding program, contact Stephen Kelly, Open Education and Innovation Program Coordinator, at


Due to the cancellation of the Shark Tank Open and the changing needs of the campuses during the COVID-19 pandemic, Educational Innovations has chosen to suspend the 2020 Pay It Forward funding round and reallocate the funds toward Innovating through COVID-19.  Stay tuned for more information on Pay It Forward funding in November 2020.

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