Webinars Now Available – Fall 2020 Faculty Development Opportunities

The Network for Educational Development (NED) announces a list of webinars that are now available for Minnesota State faculty and staff to register for. 

These opportunities are in addition to the short course, long course, and learning community opportunities available for Fall 2020. These include 15 short course opportunities, 4 QM sponsored workshops, a learning community on culturally responsive pedagogy, and a semester-long course called Foundations of Teaching Online (FOTO). 


You may also browse the NED events calendar at www.asanewsletter.org/events for the most up-to-date opportunities. 

We’ve Implemented Your Feedback! 

Thanks to our colleagues who participated in opportunities this summer and provided feedback. In response to your feedback we’ve made the following changes to what you’ll see this fall: 


  • Resources and recordings – All sessions will be available on the NED Resource site on the Event Resources page.  
  • Aligning Participant Expectations – Participants will be reminded that webinars are primarily designed to provide information and examples of the topic being shared, but the format doesn’t always allow enough time for participants to practice concepts outlined in the webinars. Participants desiring more interaction are encourage to join the corresponding short course.  

Short Courses   

  • Feedback – Affirm the expectation that facilitators provide feedback on participants’ submitted course  
  • Equity and Inclusion – Facilitators will provide explicit connections to how course topics can advance efforts to make our courses more inclusive and equitable.  
  • Opportunities to Connect – Facilitators will host optional online synchronous web conference meetings to provide participants with an opportunity to connect with one another.  
  • Course Overview Videos – Facilitators will create a “course overview video” that will be available on each short course registration page to provide interested participants more information about what to expect in the course and of the facilitator of the course, prior to signing up.  

View Short Course FAQs 

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