Minnesota State Z-Degree Project – Video Update

In the summer of 2019 Minnesota State launched a bold initiative to establish zero textbook cost degree programs at 6 college campuses within the system. Campus faculty and instructional support staff worked diligently the following academic year to explore no-cost textbooks, modify curriculum materials, and engage in course redesign. As a result of these collective efforts, students are saving hundreds of thousands of dollars each semester through the use of no-cost textbooks and materials.

This video introduces the concept of a Z-degree and shares the impact of the campus initiatives through the words of faculty and students.

For questions related to the Minnesota State Z-degree project, contact Tim Anderson, System Director for Student Success and Technologies, at Tim.Anderson@MinnState.edu.

Learn more about open educational resources at www.MinnState.edu/OER or follow us on Twitter at @MinnStateOER.

Map of Z-degree campuses

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