Extended deadline! Develop open textbooks with a full featured Pressbooks account

Minnesota State has a subscription for full featured Pressbooks that allows faculty and staff to develop up to 30 textbooks each year.  

Minnesota State faculty and staff who have interest in creating a new or adapting an existing textbook using Pressbooks are invited to complete the following form by October 1, 2021. We strongly encourage those who have previously published an OER textbook to apply.  

Minnesota State Educational Innovations will review interest responses and will send notifications.. 

Features of the full version of Pressbooks include:  

  • Enterprise-level hosting of a single Pressbooks network with ongoing maintenance, patches, updates, and 3x daily backups. 
  • Ability to quickly clone/remix openly licensed content and produce downloadable book exports in 10+ formats (including PDF, EPUB, MOBI, XHTML, HTMLBook, ODT, XML, Thin Common Cartridge with weblinks) 
  • Ability to designate four ‚Äúnetwork managers‚ÄĚ (users who receive access to premium support, network analytics, additional network configuration tools, and a private community of practice for clients using Pressbooks as a platform for their OER initiatives)  
  • Monthly open training webinars for network managers and end users  
  • EDU-specific integrations:  
  • H5P (build 40+ types of interactive activities, including quizzes) 
  • Hypothesis (enable web annotation for all/parts of books) 
  • MathJax (render LaTeX, AsciiMath, MathML with MathJax in webbook) 
  • TablePress (create sortable, filterable, searchable interactive tables) 
  • Google Analytics (sends information about network visits and file downloads to a single Google Analytics account owned by client)  
  • Network analytics (for client network managers)  
  • Brandable platform and catalog (for central client system)  
  • 20+ premium book themes and a cover generator tool 
  • 100 GB file storage  
  • Online documentation & video tutorials 
  • Single Sign On 

Learn more about OER at Minnesota State at www.MinnState.edu/OER. Faculty and staff can find additional resources on the OER Community Site.

Learn more about Pressbooks at https://university.pressbooks.pub.

Questions? Contact Tim Anderson.

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