Upcoming Media Management RFP: Your feedback requested

The University of Minnesota and Minnesota State share a contract with Kaltura MediaSpace for media management services. To comply with each system’s procurement procedures, a joint request for proposal (RFP) will be issued in late January 2022. 

The group that constructed this RFP is looking for feedback to affirm that the questions encompass the diverse needs of each community. Whether you have only used Kaltura MediaSpace once or are an active user, you are invited to fill out the following form with your comments, questions, and/or concerns by the end of the day Tuesday, December 21. 

The sections included in the RFP include: 

  • Capture 
  • Ingestion 
  • Transcoding 
  • Sharing 
  • Streaming 
  • Media Management 
  • Interactive 
  • Edit Media 
  • Media Life Cycle
  • User Experience 
  • Integration 
  • Administration 
  • Reporting and Analytics 
  • Accessibility 
  • Technical 
  • Training and Support 
  • Cloud Management 
  • Migration 

The goal of this feedback form is to ensure transparency and that the RFP fully addresses the needs of our unique systems.

Please submit your feedback by the end of the day Tuesday, December 21. 


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