Apply Now: 2023 Minnesota State REFLECT

Minnesota State is seeking members for a two-year cohort within the Minnesota State REFLECT project (2023-2025). The project brings together faculty from across disciplines, institutions, and experience to participate in a Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) faculty learning community.

Minnesota State REFLECT scholars will be supported as they develop, implement, and present research results at a conference or in a journal.

Expectations and Compensation

Participants will meet for a fall retreat and then monthly to continue progress, share ideas, collaborate, and to obtain consultation and support.

Participants will receive financial compensation in the form of release credit equivalency (RCE) of $3500 in combined salary and fringe each year. In order to receive compensation, Minnesota State system office will hire each faculty participant as a “temporary shared employee” for the purposes of completing this program.

Minnesota State has adopted a common vision described in Equity 2030. Program participants will reflect on their teaching, develop SoTL questions, and explore their teaching and their students’ learning using a lens of equity.  Please read about the Equity 2030 vision and plan as part of your preparation for this application.

Applications due March 31

Interested faculty members must apply by March 31, 2023. 

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