New Funding Opportunity: Innovating and Collaborating Toward Equity 2030 – Tackling Transfer

Letter of Intent
due January 18, 2024

due February 9, 2024

Tackling Transfer – Funding Opportunity Overview

This Request for Proposals (RFP) focuses on equitable outcomes connected to Tackling Transfer with funding for Fiscal Year 2024, which runs from July 1, 2024 to June 30, 2027.

College and university faculty, staff and administrators are invited to apply for funds to develop, adapt or expand collaborative strategies towards eliminating existing inequities, gaps or predictable patterns related to the student transfer experience.

Funding will provide resources to support campus and regional teams that are ready to innovate, strengthen, or enhance work that fosters equity centered evidence-based strategies that:

  1. Build and strengthen capacity among our institutions to meet our individual and collective goals towards tackling transfer;
  2. Support the development of innovative policies and/or strengthen proven practices that align with Equity 2030 while aiming to eliminate disparities and success gaps by increasing the rate of credential completion for transfer students;
  3. Engage in applied research and/or action research at our colleges and universities connected to the transfer student experience.

Examples of such initiatives include:

  • programs for transfer student success, equity, inclusion, antiracism or that serve distinct populations of transfer students (e.g., BIPOC students, first-generation students, students from low socio-economic statuses, adult learners, credit-for-prior learning, dual enrollment);
  • transfer student recruitment, retention and/or advising;
  • transfer success technologies (transferology) enhancement of existing collaborative programs or services;
  • regional shared services; programs that support work-based learning etc.;
  • research or innovative data collection/creation, research on existing  transfer programs or practices proven to increase persistence, retention, completion (PCR) rates for transfer students.

These examples are not exhaustive – new, innovative approaches are encouraged.


This RFP is intended to strengthen and incentivize collaboration among institutions towards collectively tackling transfer. The work period for all projects is three years, providing 12 months for project development, 12 months for project implementation, and 12 months for project evaluation. 

The following awards are available:

  • One $250,000 institution regional award (3-5 institutions)
    • Year one appropriation of $150,000 and year two appropriation of $100,000 based on project progress
  • Six $150,000 campus collaboration awards (2 or more institutions)
    • Year one appropriation of $75,000 and year two appropriation of $75,000 based on project progress
  • Two $50,000 awards for one campus collaboration across departments in that one institution (one -time $50,000 appropriation)


The following project team types are eligible to apply: 

  • Regional collaboration—three to five Minnesota State institutions – $250,000
  • Campus collaboration-two or more Minnesota State institutions – $150,000
  • Individual campus collaboration across departments – $50,000

Projects that are ineligible for Tackling Transfer funding include projects that:   

  • Create new academic programs   
  • Create new positions or support existing positions 
  • Not to create or redesign a transfer pathway program
  • Existing positions 
  • Provide student scholarships   
  • Provide tuition reimbursement, either direct or indirect   
  • Purchase textbooks, classroom or laboratory materials (with some exceptions) 

Application Process

**NEW** Submit a Letter of Intent

The Letter of Intent (LoI) is an informative letter which outlines the primary activities of the project and summarizes your ultimate full proposal. The LOI will be used to provide campus and university leadership with advance notice of how many proposals will need to be signed. LOIs should be emailed to Jonathan Hamilton no later than January 18, 2024.

Submit an Application

Campuses interested in applying can learn more about the funding opportunity in the application. Applicants must answer all the application questions and upload it using Microsoft Forms by February 9, 2024 at 4:00 p.m.

How to Apply

Minnesota State faculty and staff can visit the ASA Innovation and Collaboration Funding Calls page of ASA Connect to find:

  • Equity-Minded Budgeting Questions
  • Rubric
  • Letter of Intent Outline
  • Application
  • Form to submit applications
  • Funding Information Session Zoom details

Funding Information Session

Those interested in learning more about innovation funding opportunities are invited to attend an online information/Q&A session. A link to join is on the ASA Innovation and Collaboration Funding Calls page of ASA Connect.

Rescheduled from December 1

  • Friday, December 15, 2023, from 10:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m.

This session will be recorded and posted on ASA Connect.


For questions regarding this funding program, contact

Jonathan Hamilton
Program Director for Collaboration
ASA, Minnesota State

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