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The NED was established to provide educational development opportunities that are designed by Minnesota State faculty and staff for Minnesota State faculty and staff. These opportunities help build awareness, develop knowledge, skills, and abilities, and provide space for reflecting and revising.

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Equity 101

February 21

NED: Academic Equity

February 21 – April 2, 2023

Short Course


This six week short course is sequentially designed to encourage reflection about the structural conditions that inform who we are and how we relate to others. Module 1 explores our individual position within the historical and systemic structures of privilege and oppression, and how those affect our values and worldview (especially as they relate to education and academic achievement). Module 2 considers the social component by turning our reflection outwards onto the identities of our students and institutions. Lastly, Module 3 encourages us to use our newly acquired self-awareness to examine the effect of inequitable policies and practices in our classrooms and campuses, and to build a professional development plan to continue developing our equity lens.

Course Learning Objectives 

After completing this course, students should be able to:

  • Establish a shared framework for understanding systemic privilege and oppression
  • Distinguish the difference between equality and equity
  • Develop skills to look inward and to reflect on how your own identity and worldview are constructed
  • Evaluate how your values and experiences impact how you perceive and interact with other.
  • Establish shared terminology
  • Identify individual and institutional threats to equity
  • Connect to people, perspectives, and lived experiences that are different from your own
  • Describe characteristics of an equity minded person
  • Identify some of our own assumptions, practices, and policies that are inequitable
  • Build an action plan for relentless reflection, lifelong learning, and measurable milestones at the individual, departmental, and institutional levels
  • Set a date to review your progress on your action plan

Suggested Audience 

Faculty (Full-time and part-time), Instructional Designers and Technologists, Faculty Developers/Trainers, and staff. 

Estimated Time Commitment 

Most participants are able to complete this course by committing 2-3 hours per week. 

Reflect on your Professional Development 

As you progress through this course, please consider how you can use the assignments as a way to highlight your work on your Professional Development Plan. Consider sharing your work with your leadership team. 

Registration Required

Use the RSVP tool below to register. Because we need time to enroll participants into the corresponding D2L Brightspace Course site, we will close RSVPs the Friday prior to the start of this course. There is a limit of 30 participants per course.

Reminders Coming:  We use the email address you provide to send a calendar appointment to remind you of the start date of this short course.

Accommodations: If you require accommodations (live captioning, etc.) to participate in this event, please send an email to the person at the bottom of this page. 

Course Location 

This course is hosted and facilitated using shared D2L Brightspace instance of Minnesota State called, MnSite. 


Contact the Educational Development and Technology unit.


February 21
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Academic Equity
Developing Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

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