Innovating through COVID-19

These multimedia projects demonstrate teaching practices that were perfected or created during the COVID-19 pandemic. Minnesota State faculty applied for and received funding to create and share these innovative teaching methods.

Secure Testing in
an Online Environment

Using D2L Brightspace HTML Templates

Using Zoom for Virtual Orientations

The SMILE Campaign: Connecting to Students

Research and Presentation Skills using Infographics

Using an iPad as a Virtual Whiteboard

Creating a Virtual Gallery to Display Multimedia Art Projects

Banding Together During the Pandemic

Communicating with Co-Cultures

Using Animated Gifs in Multimedia-Based Instruction

Growth Groups

A Regular Expression Tool in D2L Quizzes and Exams
Provide Screencast Feedback in Online Classes

Creating Interactive Lecture Video Quizzes

Virtual Bridges: Innovation in Healthcare Training

Online Nursing Assistant Course

Video Recordings for Online Interaction and Learning

Adapting to New Learning Methods

Creating a Virtual Gallery for a Juried Student Exhibition

Academic Listening and Note-Taking Skills for Second Language Students

Public Speaking Tips for Video Conferencing

Virtual Financial Aid Information Session

Recovery Resource Center
Online Aspirin Synthesis Exercise for Chemistry
Online Aspirin Synthesis Exercise for Chemistry

Transitioning from Face-to-Face to Online Teaching

Teaching Drawing and Painting Online

Create Engaging Videos Using a Green Screen

Virtual Storytelling Methods

Creating Video Quizzes in MediaSpace

Identifying and Addressing Students Struggling with Substance Misuse

How to put an Upper Division Science Lab Online

Virtual Simulation for Nursing

Final Exit Interviews: A Tool for Students and Faculty Development

Hey, You Okay? A Mental Health Outreach Campaign

Do you have an innovation you would like to share? Contact Stephen Kelly.

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