Virtual Reality (Innovation Workshop)

This workshop will cover using Virtual Reality for education. We’ll talk about VR hardware and software, where the VR Market and hardware is currently and likely to go.   We’ll talk about the challenges and rewards of implementing VR in your educational plan.  We’ll also cover using Social VR such as AltspaceVR to deliver classes, events, and workshops. This... Continue Reading →

Digital Badging (Innovation Workshop)

Digital badging is a new curricular concept to address some of the challenges faced in higher ed. In this workshop, the presenters will demonstrate the use of digital badges to promote student success and as an avenue for collaboration for faculty/staff across disciplines both at 4-year and 2-year institutions. Participants are encouraged to bring a laptop... Continue Reading →

Culturally Responsive Pedagogy (Innovation Workshop)

Participants will learn about the new Culturally Responsive Pedagogy training at Minneapolis Community and Technical College.  This training leverages several Innovation Grant funded initiatives which have supported our college’s building capacity and skills around CRP, Open Education, Mindfulness, and Trauma Awareness.   By engaging in the workshop, participants will:  Connect culturally responsive pedagogy to equity-focused mindfulness,... Continue Reading →

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