Project Helps Develop Students’ Capacity To Lead

It is important for young people to see themselves as leaders. In order to assure the quality of life that we desire, people of all ages need to understand their values, develop relationships with people who share those values, recognize the wisdom and talents of others, and know how to strategize and organize to solve problems and resolve conflict. CLIO (Civic Leadership Initiative Online) helps to develop these abilities in students of all ages.

CLIO is a project of Minnesota Campus Compact, a nonprofit organization with a vision that every student in Minnesota graduates with a determination to contribute to the public good. Through original interviews with a diverse group of Minnesotans who have dedicated themselves to improving their communities, and the curation of free leadership development resources, CLIO helps to expand students’ understanding of leadership. It provides insights illustrating how leadership can be power with people rather than over people; and that it can be cooperative, rather than something to be resisted.

The growing number of voices providing their insights through the nine month old site’s collection of short video clips include: longtime community activists, emerging young leaders and many other elders, students, entrepreneurs, and elected officials from throughout the state. In addition to the original interviews, CLIO also curates leadership development education resources on a wide variety of topics. All of these resources are free for anyone to incorporate into their existing leadership curriculum.

For more information visit or contact John Hamerlinck at 320-308-4271, or

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