Program Navigator Program Application Forms Updated!

To become more closely aligned with policy and procedural language (3.36 & 3.36.1), the Academic Programs Unit has updated instructions related to designation of a program as Occupational or Professional. The updated language reads:


Select “Yes” if the proposed program is in a scientific, technical or professional field designed to prepare program graduates for entry into a specific occupation or set of closely allied occupations.

Select “No” if the program a) is in the liberal arts and sciences including the humanities, mathematics, natural sciences and social sciences, b) is a closed enrollment program, or c) provides advanced skills to students holding a prior earned academic award. Option C requires the college/university to set admissions standards for entry into the program.

If “Yes”, Labor Market Information is required. Use tools provided on the academic programs website: Workforce – Program Planning Tools to research supply and demand data. Type a summary of your findings below and attach the LMIwise report.

If “No” Labor Market Information is not required.

Updated PDF SAMPLE forms are provided on the academic programs website under Program Navigator and Sample Forms. NOTE: Form content may change over time. For accurate form requirements please use the Program Navigator System.

Contact:  Tamara Arnott, and/or Marta Mohr,

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