Review and Comment for Proposed Amendments to Board Policies 2.9, 3.6, 3.30, 3.39 and System Procedure 3.30.1


Chief academic officers, chief student affairs officers and deans are asked to forward this correspondence to students, faculty, administrators and college and university staff for review and comment. If you have any comments or questions regarding these proposed amendments, please contact Gary Hunter or 651-201-1659.

Responses are requested by February 15, 2016

Board Policy 2.9 Academic Standing and Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress
Board Policy 3.6 Student Conduct
Board Policy 3.30 College Program Advisory Committees
System Procedure 3.30.1 Community and Technical College Advisory Committees
Board Policy 3.39 Transfer Rights and Responsibilities


Ron Anderson, Ph.D.
Vice Chancellor for Academic and Student Affairs
Minnesota State Colleges & Universities
(651) 201-1498
Susan Platt, Executive Assistant | 651-201-1652

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