Register Now: Teach Together Minnesota! 2023

May 16, 2023
9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. 

Free | Virtual

The purpose of the Teach Together Minnesota! conference is to connect educators across Minnesota, learn from our intentional efforts to change our practices to be more culturally responsive in order to achieve more equitable practices and outcomes for our students.  

The conference will feature:

What the Data Taught Us

Over the past few years, 17 different discipline groups have come together in Discipline-Specific Faculty Learning Communities to create Action Plans with guidance from an Instructional Designer (Melissa Williams) and an Equity Coach (Ed Minnema). Learn first-hand what the data taught Melissa and Ed and where we can go from here.  

Student Panel

Student panelists will share personal journeys of their educational experience, what has led to their successes, where they have encountered barriers to success, and their experiences with online learning and cultural fluency.  The panelists include broad representation from our campus communities. Nominate a student!

Faculty Learning Community Project Perusals

There are many stories: wildly successful results, unexpected outcomes, and examples of how an Action Plan didn’t pan out but the lessons learned from the experience provided valuable insights and future direction. All of these stories are important to our goal of increasing equity for our students and should be shared with our broader Minnesota State community.  Past Faculty Learning Community participants will share the spectrum of outcomes from their Action Plans throughout the day in 20-minute increments. These are not formal presentations, but rather come-and-go “project perusal” opportunities for conference attendees. 

Discipline Group Discussions

Gather with educators in your field of study from around the state. Discipline groups are invited to engage in conversation, share files, keep a collective notebook, and use a Teams chat feature for immediate and ongoing communication. Time will be spent thinking about “where we would like to be a year from now” and drawing connections between your work and the larger goal of Equity 2030. 

Making Connections Panel

The Making Connections Panel will highlight the connections between Minnesota State Guided Learning Pathways related projects and initiatives (i.e., Multiple Measures, SUCCESS, Transfer Pathways, Concurrent enrollment) and Equity 2030. Hear and learn from faculty and staff who have moved equity and inclusion work forward on their campus through these Minnesota State Guided Learning Pathways related projects and initiatives.  

More information about these sessions will be announced as they are finalized. 

Receive a free eBook 

Photo of the Inclusive Teaching book

When registering, you will get the opportunity to receive the free eBook, Inclusive Teaching: Strategies for Promoting Equity in the College Classroom, by Kelly A. Hogan, to help inform the discipline discussions. Audiobook versions will also be available. 

Listen to this podcast for a condensed version of the book’s content.


This conference is open to anyone in Minnesota that supports student learning, whether you are a colleague at a K-12 school or a public or private college or university, you are encouraged to join us. 

  • Minnesota State faculty  
  • Higher education faculty across Minnesota 
  • K-12 educators from across Minnesota   
  • Education supporters (Advisors/Student Support, CTL Directors, Instructional Designers, IT Support, Librarians)   
  • CTE faculty  
  • Concurrent enrollment instructors   

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In partnership with MN Learning Commons, the Minnesota Office of Higher Education, and the University of Minnesota.
Teach Together Minnesota! is funded in part by the Minnesota Office of Higher Education through the Governor’s Emergency Education Relief Grant. 

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