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Aligning Instructional Strategies with Kaltura MediaSpace – Option 1 (3 week short course)

August 24, 2020


August 24 – September 13


In this course, you’ll explore the concept of teacher presence and its importance in helping students learn online.  You’ll use Kaltura Capture and MediaSpace create and host a video that you can use in one of your courses that demonstrates your teacher presence. Along the way you’ll get some examples of video production strategies that will result in a higher quality video. We’ll also create instructional videos that attend to the cognitive processing principles to delivery instruction via a series of videos that segment (or chunk) concepts into smaller parts. Finally, we will review learning strategies like retrieval practice and elaboration, which evidence suggests result in greater student learning compared to strategies like rereading, highlighting, or summarizing. You will get an opportunity to use video in a learning activity to support one of these effective learning strategies.

From the Facilitator:  An Overview of this Course

Course Learning Objectives 

Module 1:  By the end of this module you will be able to do the following:

  1. Use a webcam or mobile device to record a video that demonstrates the use of teacher presence.
  2. Use a webcam or mobile device to record a video that applies each of the video production principles including framing, eye contact, audio quality, background, and lighting
  3. Use Kaltura to create captions that have an accuracy of at least 99%.
  4. Share a video from Kaltura MediaSpace in an D2L Brightspace course.

Module 2:  By the end of this module you will be able to do the following:

  1. Using the principles of segmenting or chunking, prepare an outline for one or more instructional videos that reduces cognitive load.
  2. Develop an instructor created video within your students’ cognitive capacity that utilizes one or more multimedia design principles.
  3. Use the Kaltura Editor to remove unnecessary elements of your video.
  4. Use the settings in Kaltura MediaSpace to adjust the properties of your video including changing a video thumbnail, downloading a video, allowing others to download a video, adding a timeline to a video, and replacing a video.
  5. Assemble two or more videos that segments related to one topic that is shared via a playlist using Kaltura MediaSpace.

Module 3: By the end of this module you will be able to do the following:

  1. Using the video quiz tool in Kaltura MediaSpace, create a learning activity that supports retrieval practice or elaboration
  2. Add a graded or ungraded video quiz from Kaltura MediaSpace to your D2L Brightspace course.
  3. Prepare a learning activity that uses video to have student practice by connecting information to prior knowledge.

Technical Requirements

  • We’ll be using our computer to create videos.  You’ll need the following.
    • Computer with webcam
    • Computer with internal microphone
    • Suggested:  External Webcam
    • Suggested:  External Microphone
    • Optional:  Mobile device capable of recording video.

Technical Skill Requirements

  • Perform basic tasks associated with the following D2L Brightspace tools: Content, Quizzes and Assignments
    • Content
      • Upload documents
      • Create an HTML document
    • Quizzes
      • Create a Quiz
    • Assignments
      • Create an assignment Dropbox that links to the gradebook
    • Discussions
      • Create and reply to a Discussion Thread
    • Communication tools in Brightspace
      • Create emails
      • Post News Items

Materials Required

Prior to the course, login into Kaltura MediaSpace

Suggested Audience 

Faculty (Full-time and part-time), Instructional Designers and Technologists, and Faculty Developers/Trainers. 

Estimated Time Commitment 

Plan to spend approximately 4-6 hours each week (“your mileage my vary”) completing the work for this course.

Reflect on your Professional Development 

As you progress through this course, please consider how you can use the assignments as a way to highlight your work on your Professional Development Plan. Consider sharing your work with your leadership team. 

Registration Required

Use the RSVP tool below to register. There is a limit of 30 participants per course.

Because we need time to enroll participants into the corresponding D2L Brightspace Course site, we will close RSVPs one week prior to the start of this course. 

Reminders Coming:  We use the email address you provided to send you reminder emails as the event date gets closer, but we suggest you add this event to your calendar. 

Data Use: Campuses want to know if their faculty are using the educational development resources and opportunities made available from Minnesota State to best tailor their on-campus offerings. We will provide participation information upon campus request. You may opt out of this report by contacting We plan to use your contact information to send you information about upcoming events on the NED Events Calendar for which you may be interested.

Accommodations: If you require accommodations (live captioning, etc.) to participate in this event, please send an email to the person at the bottom of this page. 

Course Location 

This course is hosted and facilitated using shared D2L Brightspace instance of Minnesota State called, MnSite. Using the RSVP tool below allows us to send you reminders about this course and share important information following the course including how to access the corresponding D2L Brightspace course site.  


Please read the Short Course FAQ or contact the facilitator, Scott Wojtanowski


August 24, 2020
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Scott Wojtanowski
Academic Technologies
Developing Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

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